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Basics of Moodle Administration

After completing this course on Basics of Moodle Administration you will be able to

  • set up a Moodle Learning Management System (LMS),
  • customize the design & functions of the LMS,
  • manage users
  • manage courses

Basics for Training with Moodle

In this course you will learn how to 

  • Set up courses
  • Enrol students to a course
  • Grade performances
  • Track progress
  • Restrict access

Although not part of the teachers' duties you will also learn how to set up your own Moodle environment to continue practicing after this course. To this end, we will also show you how to 

  • create users and assign roles so that you will be able to interact with other colleagues and make the necessary requests to the Moodle administrators at your institution
  • add course categories and courses